Danny Allison's decorative collage of space. like the bright colours exploding out and the integration of people with planets
Looked at Banksy for my essay and a lot of his pieces were made to comment on a particular subject. i also think its amazing how he creates such strong meaning through simple stencils

Chris Collen - found this dude on the internet, liked his bold style and cool characters. example of informative illustration (maybe make a poster for final piece)
a diagram of a space explorer just to get an idea of diagram layout and perspective

a decorative piece I found on the internet. really like the humour and simplicity of the drawing
informative drawing

Richard Wilkinson

i looked at richard in my last project, however i wanted to experiment with some of his techniques. incorporating drawing and collage to create different textures. HIs use of soft lines and collage bring his images to life and create realistic cartoons. I really enjoy his work as he draws in such a unique perspective, looking from the point of view of the character.

commentable illustrations

decrotive design of cancer. shadows and textures bring the picture to life

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