My final commentable piece. i based my illustration on depression stories found on the internet so i felt the best context for my piece would be on a website.

Started off with simple cutting objects out using marquee tool, erasing sharp edges in areas to help blend the images and keep the image flowing

Experimented with various textures for the background. that would later be manipulated to be darker. i also added a hand in his shirt to indicate his wanting to escape his depression
progression of ideas

added a clock in the background to reinforce the idea that people with depression often spend all day waiting for the day to be over.
final piece

For my informative piece i wanted to use statistics from the government about alcohol and create my own informative Poster on the stats. while i was reading i discovered that a large percentage of the population did not know the unit contents of popular drinks so i decided to create a poster teaching people about units.

my first idea was to show the possible tax that could be brought upon alcohol using coins to make the drinks that they effected. liked the concept but they all looked pretty rubbish.

took scans of textures to create a solid background that was not boring and white

simple outlines and text so that poster is easy to read. accurate measurements and information found from government website

Unlike my decorative piece i used different photshop tools to create my poster. i used marquee tools to create simple lines and the burn tool to manipulate my textured background. i also changed the opacities to show the different levels in each drink. i think the final out come is simple, informative and aesthetically pleasing

My idea for the decorative piece was to have a drunk milkman holding up bottles spilling with milk or whiskey. I wanted to reinforce the fact he was drunk so I gave him really saggy wrinkled eyes (that would later be coloured purple). i really enjoyed drawing this man, first project where I've been able to create a disgusting character
just messin about with the burn tool, really liked the colours it brought up and led me to over exagerate the colour of his eyes

whiskey hand. created outlines in Adobe Illustrator then imported lines into photoshop so i could could have more freedom adding colour and shadows. i did the same with his face. really like the colours and the line work.

trying to figure out where to put the hands and integrate text.
at the start of the project I decided I wanted to create a t shirt for my decorative piece. this meant I had to think about width and height of my piece. I
decided to move the hands about so the image was more linear and flowing like the drink. i also added a thick purple outline to help make it stand out and define the letters. the 'one too many' slogan was taken from the original article

MY final piece in context

Informative and Commentable texts

I used government statistics to create my informative piece, this is an extract from their website. statistics were vital for creating an effective illustration

For my commentable illustration i read up on different types of efects alcohol can have on you. i decided to follow the path of depression. i found it interesting and challenging to try and show 'depression' visually.

Another website i visited to help find effects of alcohol abuse


I chose this story because I wanted to have a story where I could create something humorous for my decorative piece then look further at the deeper meanings and consequences to help create my commentable and informative pieces

Too many pints (of milk)? Ban for drunken float driver

Last updated at 11:44 PM on 14th April 2010

Milkman Thomas McGreevy was almost four times over the legal alcohol limit (file picture)

Milkman Thomas McGreevy was almost four times over the limit (file picture)

When Thomas McGreevy's customers spotted him slumped on the pavement beside his milk float one morning, they feared he had been attacked.

But police called to the scene in Formby, Merseyside, soon discovered that he had fallen from the cab while drunk.

Officers breathalysed the 58-year-old and found he was almost four times the legal limit.

McGreevy, who has been a milkman for 30 years, was arrested for being drunk in charge of his float and charged.

Earlier this week he admitted drink-driving and was banned from the road for 30 months, ordered to carry out 180 hours of unpaid work and pay £85 in court costs.

He told magistrates he had been drinking whisky the night before and early that morning, February 20, in a bid to alleviate severe back pain.

North Sefton Magistrates' Court, Bootle, Merseyside, was told that the incident happened at around 7am on Saturday February 20 this year.

Police were called after residents on Wrigley's Lane, Formby, spotted McGreevy driving his milk float erratically and staggering around as he made his deliveries.

A police source said: 'When we arrived he had fallen out of his cab and had sustained an injury because he had banged his head.

'We were alerted because it was feared he had been assaulted, but it was obvious he was drunk.'

Read more:


Danny Allison's decorative collage of space. like the bright colours exploding out and the integration of people with planets
Looked at Banksy for my essay and a lot of his pieces were made to comment on a particular subject. i also think its amazing how he creates such strong meaning through simple stencils

Chris Collen - found this dude on the internet, liked his bold style and cool characters. example of informative illustration (maybe make a poster for final piece)
a diagram of a space explorer just to get an idea of diagram layout and perspective

a decorative piece I found on the internet. really like the humour and simplicity of the drawing
informative drawing

Richard Wilkinson

i looked at richard in my last project, however i wanted to experiment with some of his techniques. incorporating drawing and collage to create different textures. HIs use of soft lines and collage bring his images to life and create realistic cartoons. I really enjoy his work as he draws in such a unique perspective, looking from the point of view of the character.

commentable illustrations

decrotive design of cancer. shadows and textures bring the picture to life