For my informative piece i wanted to use statistics from the government about alcohol and create my own informative Poster on the stats. while i was reading i discovered that a large percentage of the population did not know the unit contents of popular drinks so i decided to create a poster teaching people about units.

my first idea was to show the possible tax that could be brought upon alcohol using coins to make the drinks that they effected. liked the concept but they all looked pretty rubbish.

took scans of textures to create a solid background that was not boring and white

simple outlines and text so that poster is easy to read. accurate measurements and information found from government website

Unlike my decorative piece i used different photshop tools to create my poster. i used marquee tools to create simple lines and the burn tool to manipulate my textured background. i also changed the opacities to show the different levels in each drink. i think the final out come is simple, informative and aesthetically pleasing

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