My idea for the decorative piece was to have a drunk milkman holding up bottles spilling with milk or whiskey. I wanted to reinforce the fact he was drunk so I gave him really saggy wrinkled eyes (that would later be coloured purple). i really enjoyed drawing this man, first project where I've been able to create a disgusting character
just messin about with the burn tool, really liked the colours it brought up and led me to over exagerate the colour of his eyes

whiskey hand. created outlines in Adobe Illustrator then imported lines into photoshop so i could could have more freedom adding colour and shadows. i did the same with his face. really like the colours and the line work.

trying to figure out where to put the hands and integrate text.
at the start of the project I decided I wanted to create a t shirt for my decorative piece. this meant I had to think about width and height of my piece. I
decided to move the hands about so the image was more linear and flowing like the drink. i also added a thick purple outline to help make it stand out and define the letters. the 'one too many' slogan was taken from the original article

MY final piece in context

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